Zines and Campaign Materials

UCWVA-UVA Campaign Zines

ID: Text: "Union for UVA" with red triangle flag over a white UVA rotunda, with white clouds in background

Zine #1: "Union for UVA!"

An intro zine to United Campus Workers of Virgnia at UVA, laying out who we are, what we do, and why you and your coworkers should join

PDF icon UCWVA Zine #1: Union for UVA!

Zine #2: "Union Mythbusting 101"

ID: Yellow background. White smiling man (UVA mascot) with blue hat, brown hair and beard, wearing red UCW badge. Blue text "Union Mythbusting 101" Black bottom text "brought to you by united campus workers uva"

Know your rights. Many people have questions and concerns about public college and university unions in Virginia. Maybe you've heard people tell you it's illegal for public employees to unionize in Virginia, or that unions can't do anything because of so-called right-to-work laws. These concerns are understandable! The truth though is that workers' right to unionize is protected under federal and state law, and the union is the most powerful tool to improve you and your coworkers' lives.

PDF icon UCWVA Zine #2: Union Mythbusting 101