Sign on in support of VCU Adjuncts

VCU adjunct faculty presented VCU’s Office of the President with a list of demands for higher wages, greater job security, and access to VCU’s health services on Thursday, March 4th.

“Living wages are a justice issue and Virginia Commonwealth University should work to resolve this issue,” says Tom Burkett, a founder of AOFP. “We are asking President Rao to put together an economic justice plan that addresses our demands.” 

The demands are as follows: 

  • Base compensation of $3,000 per credit, to bring adjuncts’ annual income above the poverty line

  • One year contracts for adjuncts, to ensure greater stability

  • A fee of $1000 to be paid to adjuncts if administration cancels a course, to compensate for work done prior to the semester

  • A just transition policy when meeting these demands that limits adjunct position cuts

  • Access to VCU health services

  • A timely response to our demands, with all demands met by the beginning of the 2021 fall semester.

Adjunct workers will campaign until these demands are met. They are asking VCU faculty, staff, students, and local community members to support us as they deliver these demands. They are also at this time reaching out to all current adjuncts offering solidarity and support. If you are an adjunct struggling with low pay or poor working conditions, please reach out to AOFP at [email protected].