Resources: Minutes and Campaign Materials

Campaign Zines

ID: Text: "Union for UVA" with red triangle flag over a white UVA rotunda, with white clouds in background

Zine #1: "Union for UVA!"

In this zine, we lay out who we are and what we do as a union and make the case for why UVA staff, grad and undergrad student workers, and faculty need a union that represents them and their interests.

PDF icon UCWVA Zine #1: Union for UVA!

Zine #2: "Union Mythbusting 101"

ID: Yellow background. White smiling man (UVA mascot) with blue hat, brown hair and beard, wearing red UCW badge. Blue text "Union Mythbusting 101" Black bottom text "brought to you by united campus workers uva"

In this zine, we address common questions and concerns about unions and respond to arguments often made against unions at public universities. UVA staff, student workers, and faculty have a constitutionally-protected right to join a union! Many people are aware that Virginia is a so-called "right-to-work" state: while such laws limit some of our activities, they do not prevent anyone from joining a union or talking about unions on campus.

PDF icon UCWVA Zine #2: Union Mythbusting 101

Zine #3: "UVA Labor History"

Coming soon! Written by our Labor History Committee, this zine discusses the history of labor activism, exploitation, and resistance at UVA and the history of unions at the university.