Richmond, Va: Staff, faculty, and graduate student workers announce the formation of a chapter of United Campus Workers of Virginia, a wall-to-wall labor union, at Virginia Commonwealth Unive

United Campus Workers of Virginia at UVA (UCWVA-UVA) has announced it is partnering with student groups to solicit financial and in-kind donations to provide frontline campus workers with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and, in case of renewed furloughs and layoffs as the semester advances, emergency aid. UVA Mutual Aid, UVA Young Democratic Socialists of America, and UCWVA-UVA are organizing this effort, which hopes to collect $3,000 by September 16, to be extended as necessary.

On Labor Day 2020, UCWVA-UVA's Labor History Working Group gave a virtual teach-in on the history of labor activism at UVA and what our current unionization movement can learn from it. The key questions: how did things get this way, and what can we learn from the past to make the future better?

On September 2, UCWVA-UVA held a Die-In protest against in-person classes and austerity on the Lawn and steps of the rotunda at the University of Virginia, sending a message to university administration that UVA workers and students are united against UVA's reopening plans. The protest was co-organized with UVA YDSA and Charlottesville DSA, and received strong press and social media coverage:

Today, the University of Virginia announced that they will continue ahead with their disastrous reopening plan for the Fall semester, inviting thousands of students back to Charlottes

UCWVA at UVA went public on August 24th, and announced its #ActFastUVA campaign. Below is a round-up of  reporting on the announcement (to be updated on a rolling basis):

Daily Progress: Katherine Knott, "UVa employees seek to form union, call for online semester"

Charlottesville, VA -- A campaign calling for the University of Virginia to address student, worker, and community concerns regarding the school’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and racial injustice is being launched on August 24th, 2020.