ID: UCWVA UVA logo. Circle, with red outer band. White text on top of circle reads "United Campus Workers", text on bottom reads "UVA". Inner circle: red flag over orange UVA rotunda, over blue background with yellow lightning


"Wall-to-wall" means that anyone who receives a UVA paycheck - staff, faculty, graduate and undergraduate student workers - can join, with the exception of high level administration and law enforcement.

What We Do

Collective action gets the goods. Our power as a union comes solely from our members and our solidarity to one another.

We can only win if we are united: that is why we are building a coalition of care and solidarity across lines of class, race, gender, age, employment category, ability, sexual orientation, religion, and citizenship status.

At the same time, we must recognize and center our organizing against UVA's historic and continued reliance on and exploitation of Black and women workers and workers of color.

Our Mission

UCW-CWA local __ at the University of Virginia is a grassroots collective that recognizes the under-compensated value that workers provide to the university and seeks to realize a more just and equitable institution. We work together to improve labor conditions and build worker power at UVA through collective action. Our mission is to protect and promote the social, economic, physical, and mental well-being of all, especially the most vulnerable and exploited among us. We invite the employees of UVA, including staff, faculty, and student workers, graduate and undergraduate, to join us.

Our Bylaws

Click here to read our Bylaws, which go over our structure and rules.


Click here for a collection of our campaign and organizing materials.